You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power;  for You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created." (Revelation 4;11)
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     Traditional scientific folklore today tells us that the earth provided certain natural chemicals which were acted on by natural sources of energy to form gradually the chemicals needed for life. Eventually, these chemicals assembled themselves into living cells.

     There is a major problem with this. Natural processes make a very broad range of products. Life requires very specific products at very specific points in time and very specific molecular locations. As a result, the products needed for life do not appear in usable form. There is nothing to constrain natural processes to give the required products. This is the Hypothesis of Abiogenetic Disconnects.

     Over the past 60 years thousands of experiments have been performed in abiogenesis (the study of a natural origin of life). Interestingly, the results of these experiments consistently confirm the hypothesis stated above. By contrast, there has not been a single experiment which successfully demonstrated an advance towards life. The logical conclusion is that science gives us the tools to understand why a natural origin of life is impossible.  

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Dinosaur Blood Contradicts Millions of Years Since Alive

By Timothy R. Stout

    Dinosaurs are the key marketing tool of the evolutionist. Dinosaurs are fascinating, both to very young children and adults alike. The suggestion of a twent-foot tall T Rex biting a man, tossing him in the air, and then swallowing him in a single gulp is terrifying. At least they died out millions and millions of years ago. Or, did they?

     Over the past decade, soft tissue which still possesses characteristics of blood cells and capillaries has been unexpectedly found in many dinosaur fossils. Moreover, it carbon-14 dates to a recent origin, one   


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Three Ribosome Animations That

Debunk a Natural Origin of Life

By Timothy R. Stout

     The above three animations are of a ribosome. Ribosomes use cellular information stored in DNA to  make the specific proteins used in a cell. These views help give an appreciation of their extreme complexity.

Ribosomes are made up of an assembly of many components which in themselves are incomprehensibly complex. The problem facing abiogenesis is that a ribosome cannot function unless its components are in their final form from the beginning. Otherwise they won’t assemble properly, as shown by even a quick glance at the illustrations.  Although ribosomes make the proteins used in a cell, they themselves include many proteins in their composition. Hence, an already working ribosome is required to make the parts to build a ribosome. This implies single-step first appearance for the first working ribosome.  

We show how careful analysis leads to the conclusion that the first appearance of a ribosome is far too complex to appear by random natural processes. The issue becomes, then, how something so complex ever got here.This in turn has important spiritual implications.

Ribosome:Small Subunit

Ribosome Making Protein


Animations courtesy of  Wikipedia article on ”Ribosome,” posted elsewhere on this site.

Ribosome: Large Subunit

Random Sequences Can’t Make a Single Average-size Protein

in a Googol Years

By Timothy R. Stout

    Calculations are provided showing just how unlikely it would be for natural processes to make the chemicals of life. The results are staggering. It  is very unlikely for random sequences to form even one instance of an average-size protein in  a Googol years. Natural selection cannot select for components used to make a cell until the cell is already alive, functioning, and reproducing. Random processes are all that are available until then. Looked at honestly, observed scientific evidence favors special creation.