You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power;  for You created all things, and by Your will they exist and were created." (Revelation 4;11)
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Without Excuse!  Article 16. See Page 11.  “The Testimony of Natural Revelation.”  Many people will acknowledge that the wonders of creation confirm in their hearts that that here is a God who created everything. Even many unsaved people acknowledge this. Romans 1:20 shows that God designed the creation to do more than this: it also reveals His attributes of eternal existence, power and holiness. In other words, creation reveals that is is the handiwork of a living, personal God. God gives this testimony to every one. Hence, there is no valid excuse for atheism.

Without Excuse!  Article 17. See Page 11.    “The Testimony of Synthetases.”  The triplet code which maps a sequence of DNA nucleotides to a sequence of amino acids (which in turn are used to form proteins) is a simple and elegant means of defining the structures for tens of thousands of different enzymes. What is not commonly understood is that there is a group of molecules called  synthetases which define the code. One end of a synthetase molecule joins to a specific kind of amino acid. The other end recognizes a specific triplet code or group of codes. Thus, the code appears to be the product of deliberate design, not on chemical characteristics. A completely  different coding scheme could be implemented simply by modifying the construction of synthetases. This presents a difficulty for an evolutionary origin of life, for all of the synthetases need to be in agreement with each other about the code definition from the very beginning with no law of physics or chemistry giving a preference for one over the other.

Without Excuse!  Article 18. See Page 9.    “The Testimony of Homologies.”  Homologies are similar structures in different species. Evolutionists frequently claim they can demonstrate ancestral relationships. Some evolutionists count them as among the most powerful evidences of evolution. A

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Without Excuse!  Article 15. See Page 7.  “The Testimony of the Human Foot.”  The human foot is remarkably suitable for walking and running on the ground. It is not suitable for hanging from a tree limb.  Furthermore, the human foot operates differently for running (toes absorb main shock then the heels)  than walking (heels absorb all of shock). Modern shoes tend to force a person to land with heels absorbing all of the shock, which leads to hip and knee problems. An ape foot is remarkably suitable for hanging from a tree limb, but not for running. Homologous organs–human feet and ape feet– appear similar, but have critical differences in form and function.

Without Excuse!  Article 14. See Page 6.  “The Testimony of Physical Life.”  Various passages of Scripture are discussed in which God makes it clear that He has given strong testimony of His person through the creation. Thus, the strong reasons we find in science which point us to the living God as the Creator were deliberately placed there by Him. People reject Him because they want to, not because of the evidence. The evidence truly reveals Him.

Without Excuse!  Article 19. See Page 11.    “The Testimony of Clones and Telomeres.”  

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